Our first blog post

Friday 14 October 2016 – by George

Today we visited Greenwich Observatory. We were able to search for stars using co-ordinates, see how changing the orbit of an object can affect its path in space, and touch a meteorite that is 3.4 million years old! Josh and Freya both loved running around all the exhibits and keeping me fit chasing after them (i.e. Freya!). here are some photos of the day.

I was desperate for a coffee afterwards so we went o the Pavillion cafe where the kids raced to see who could eat the cakes fastest. I didn’t even get a look-in!

And next to the park to work off the sugar rush. Josh was tree climbing and Freya gave it her best shot! She was wishing she could get up the top of the trees and eventually started practising  by immersing herself in small shrubs instead, which ended up a little smaller than before 😉


Let me up!


Whilst Freya slept Josh was lucky enough to have a keyboard lesson with Elaine which he loved. We had a great day today.